I’m Tim Jones MBA

Master of Business Administration

Business growth expert & specialist advisor in the health & social care and construction sectors

I guide frustrated MDs who feel overwhelmed … to enjoy leading a highly profitable business that’s efficiently managed by their systems & teams.

Tim Jones showing some notes at a presentation


Tim’s genuinely committed, with integrity

I’ve been privileged to work with Tim for a number of years. He is genuinely committed to driving high-quality care services with its focus on quality person-centred care, across the UK. I know he’ll carry that commitment, and the integrity he brings to his work, into all he does next.
Madeleine Starr MBE
Director of Carers UK, London

A diamond. Tim gave me huge confidence

Tim is so knowledgeable, passionate and empathetic to my business journey because he’s been there himself. Having Tim beside me gave me huge confidence, shifted my thinking and I can honestly say that I feel I’ve more clarity and headspace than I’ve had in many years. He is a diamond.
Founder & MD at The Crescent

Great value, Tim challenges my decisions

Whatever the growth stage of your business, I’d highly recommend you chat with Tim. His advice and input helped me not to work in the business, but on it. Tim offers great value. The best thing? – he challenges my decisions. When we met, we were sure we could work together.
Sohail Yousuff
Owner of LeviCare, Warrington, Cheshire

Tim has given me clarity and focus

Although meetings are mostly virtual, Tim’s used different methods to find systems that work for me. Our meetings make me accountable in a way I don’t find elsewhere. Tim’s given me the confidence, clarity and focus to plan for the future. I’ve no hesitation in recommending Tim’s services to anyone.
Catherine H.
Founder & MD, Liverpool

Tim’s services catapulted my growth plan by 3-4 years

The performance and growth of my business since the engagement of Tim’s services has catapulted the growth plan by 3-4 years. With direction and experience, Tim’s helped me strip away unnecessary tasks allowing me to concentrate on key requirements, saving me at least 2-3 business days of inactivity per week.
Tyrone Griffiths
MD/Senior Consultant, FinCrime Protection, London

In 3 months, our productivity, profitability and cash flow have greatly increased

Since starting with Tim, my business is significantly better structured, organised, more productive. It’s given me time to think creatively about growth. Profitability and cash flow greatly increased – superb. We can reinvest in the team, systems and machinery. I can relax when not at work, which I couldn’t do before.
Ian Birtwell
MD of ISB Engineering & Construction, Lancashire

Video Testimonials

Tim’s helped immensely. In Year 1/Year 2, our revenue grew by 80%

Sohail Yousuf
Founder & Director, LeviCare Healthacre Recruitment Agency

Tim’s a lovely bloke as well as a fantastic mentor

Business Development Manager at Highpoint Care

The T.R.U.S.T.E.D. Process

Before we connect with the T.R.U.S.T.E.D. Process, it’s important to understand the value of a blueprint to your business.

A blueprint enables you to design your business and understand where you are currently, and identify the core components you need to achieve your goals.

Along the roadmap to your goals, the blueprint ensures consistency of standards and offers you milestones that allow you to check your business-growth progress and identify risks.

The Business Blueprint

Every business has assets that you’ll “sell” in some form to generate revenue.

How good your business is at turning your assets into revenue is how Effective you are.

Revenues will come with a certain level of expense, so turning your revenue into profit is a measure of how Efficient you are.

Managing the expenses and reducing waste while maintaining strong margins will optimise your business profitability.

It is essential that you’re productive in turning your earnt profit into cash.

Lastly, turning your Profit into Cash is how Productive you are.

(Note: Profit is not the same thing as Cash). Your business can show profit after a sale, but you may not have received the cash.

There are only 3 ways you can use that additional cash. More on that later…

Here’s my visual overview of the blueprint:

Business Blueprint Full System

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two money bags


A resource with economic value.

a line graph and a bar chart


Income from sale of goods and services.

A stack of coins


Income left after paying for all expenses.

A dollar note


Actual money collected, paid or received.

From Blueprints to Results

Everybody knows the importance of Trust in business. But I’ve gone one stage further.

I’ve created the T.R.U.S.T.E.D. Process. It’s unique, it’s not something you’ll find on Google and it gets you results.

It’s a roadmap that takes you from your current reality of pain and pressure to your desired destination: a dream lifestyle created by a business that grows successfully and profitably – without you.

Are you suffering from any of the following pains and frustrations, wondering just how you are going to recover and thrive?:

  • You’re struggling to formulate a sales & marketing plan that delivers results
  • Communication within your organisation is poor, leading to family members feeling frustrated
  • You’re worried about existing risks in your business but don’t have the time to deal with them or
  • You’re unaware of the potential risks that are about to slap you in the face!
  • You feel too reliant on key members of your team whom you fear may jump ship at any moment
  • You’re worried about the rising costs within your organisation
  • Your current leadership team are understandably focused on day-to-day operations, meaning that the recruitment of additional quality team members, finances, sales and marketing are all neglected.

Over the past 11 years, I’ve not only supported a wide range of businesses and entrepreneurs to overcome the key problems they faced in growing their business, but I’ve also owned and operated many successful, profitable, multi-million businesses.

This has enabled me to use all my research and experience to pioneer and craft the T.R.U.S.T.E.D. Process. It’s a system that has already helped all my clients and you too will benefit from:

  • A team you trust and can rely on to meet your high standards
  • A culture where people love to work and willingly embrace responsibility for their role
  • A proven sales & recruitment system that means you stand out and which gets you record levels of financial performance, growth and profitability. This lead to your optimised sale valuation.
  • Processes that give you control and clarity over what is working financially and operationally in your business – and, importantly, what isn’t.
  • Time savings that are going to free you up, allowing you to focus on growing your business and to enjoy the quality of life that you deserve.

Check out my T.R.U.S.T.E.D. Process Pyramid that takes you from Overwhelm to Entrepreneur:

T.R.U.S.T.E.D. Process

Entrepreneur Level
Purpose of Stage

5 | Owner

Hired someone to be the overseer and run the business for them with minimal input and effort.

4 | Overseer

Team & Culture

Managing the overall performance & working strategically on the business rather than operationally.

3 | Organised

Financials & Marketing
Innovation & Leadership
Future Proof

Starting to put in processes and train people so things can run without the owner short-term.

2 | Overworked

Profit & Cash
Revenue & Marketing
Operations & Systems
Financial Security

Exhausted trying to micromanage everything because no systems are in place.

1 | Overwhelm

Rules of The Game
Lifestyle Design
Strategic Plan
90 Day Action Plan

Not knowing what to do next. Too many fires to put out, can’t run day-to-day operations.

Team culture: Team performance you can rely on within an environment where people love to work
Revenues & Marketing: Sales & Marketing strategies that gives you predictable growth
Unique metrics & KPIs: A dashboard showing what’s working and where improvements are needed
Systems & Processes: Minimise risks, cut duplication of tasks, improve effectiveness & productivity
Time to Perform: Recruit and lead the right team. Connect better with managers, clients & your colleagues leading to improved loyalty, trust & engagement
Effective Profit Strategies: Reduce your expenses and optimise cash flow, profits & business valuation
Disciplined Actions: that get you the results & rewards you want and deserve.

3 Ways You Can Benefit From Your Extra Profit

Armed with a structured blueprint for your business and a proven T.R.U.S.T.E.D. Process to follow, you will now be enjoying more cash coming in. You can use this in three ways:

  1. You can pay down and eradicate any debts within your business
  2. As you are now effectively turning assets into revenue, you can reinvest back into your business assets, safe in the knowledge that it will generate more cash
  3. You can receive additional dividends and rewards

Most of Kaizen’s clients use all three ways equally so that their business is more robust, sustainable and profitable.

Business Blueprint & Cash Use

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The Good, The Bad and The Cash Flow

One of the outcomes you can expect from the T.R.U.S.T.E.D. Process is a strong, saleable business that is growing successfully and profitably without you, producing more and more cash.

Good vs Bad Business

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Business man holding a bar-chart which has a clear upward trend
Business man holding his head with frustration at his bad business strategies

Good Business

Is one whose operating cash flow is positive and bigger than profits.

Bad Business

Always struggles to produce positive operating cash.

How Kaizen Will Help You and Your Business

By taking you through the T.R.U.S.T.E.D. Process, we will guide you along a roadmap that transforms you from feeling overwhelmed and overworked to enjoying financial freedom and a more meaningful lifestyle to you and your family.

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